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Services Overview:

If you find it difficult to make the most of market information, you are not alone.

Most companies, big and small, find it hard to effectively utilise the information they receive, whether it be sales leads or industry information.


105 Solutions are here to simplify this task and help your company benefit from this important information on an ongoing basis.

We have a range of business intelligence and investigative services which can be tailored to your business needs and objectives.

Business Intelligence Spectrum:

Business intelligence (BI) is the process of gathering information in the field of business. It’s the process of enhancing data into information and then into knowledge.

BI is carried out to gain sustainable competitive advantage, and is a valuable core competence.


The Business Intelligence Spectrum shows how BI is made up of different types of information ranging from easy to acquire, to very difficult to acquire.

Information on the left side of the Spectrum is often available through secondary research and sources, using online databases or the Internet. Information on the right side of the Spectrum is typically


only available through primary research and sources such as interviews.

As a Business Intelligence consultancy, 105 Solutions adds value both to the quality of information collected and the way in which it is delivered that provides insight and impact to your organization.

Business Intelligence Spectrum Diagram