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Economic Modelling & Forecasting:

105 Solutions also provide consultancy services covering economic policy, economic modelling and forecasting, and investment advice. This is because we realise economic analysis now forms a central part of market investigations. The empirical analysis of large data sets requires the use of a range of economic techniques which can be used for modelling and forecasting.


We use economic theory to provide crucial insights into how a competitive market can be expected to function. Our expertise in analysis, modelling and forecasting is unrivalled and we have developed an international reputation for integrity, quality and independence.

Our clients range from business, government and industry groups, to investment advisory services as well as institutional investors.

Case Study:
Risk Model 105 (RM105)

This in-house model has been used successfully to analyse strategic investment issues. It can assess different strategic asset allocations within an integrated risk framework. Both absolute risk, such as the probability of a negative return, and business or relative risk are analysed. In the asset allocation analysis, the model incorporates a target return portfolio of unlisted investments.

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Client Testimony:

Some wonderful tools and insights were provided by 105. Their economic model was bespoke specific to my business product and plans to enter into the Middle East market place.

We gained a solid theoretical framework to understand our business market place and how to react to potential changes and scenarios. Their forecasts were useful for our company's future strategic plan and be that one step ahead of our competitors.”

James Noble , CEO
Lowell Investments